Power Reserve Mode

Power Reserve Mode in Apple Watch is one useful option.

Power Reserve Mode comes in handy during one of those times where you forget to charge your Apple Watch and a warning comes up in the middle of the day saying the battery is low.

Power Reserve Mode in Apple Watch is one useful option

The basic function of any watch digital or otherwise is to show the time. And in the case of smartwatches, even though they have really good battery power, you will still have to charge it once in a while. So, in case if you forget to charge them, and in the middle of the day if the battery is about to die, you can put the Watch to the Power Reserve Mode. It will shut down all the other operations and will jus display the time.

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Swipe up to open the Apple Watch Control Center. Tap on the icon which shows the battery percentage. In the new screen that appears, swipe right the POWER RESERVE option.

Power Reserve Mode                      Power Reserve Mode

And then Tap on Proceed. This will activate the power reserve mode and displays only the time. And then you will have to restart to exit out of the Power Reserve mode.

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Power Reserve Mode

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