Offline Google Maps

How to Download Offline Google Maps for Navigation on iPhone

Offline Google Maps is a real feature that could save your day.

Even though mobile operators like to brag about their 100% network coverage, we all know that its not very practical to believe that. So, in order to fix this issue, Google came up the offline download of Maps. This will allow users to get full access of downloaded areas without Wifi or mobile data.

How to Download Offline Google Maps for Navigation on iPhone

Open Google Maps. Choose the menu icon on the search bar.

Offline Google Maps

On the side pan that appears, choose Offline Areas.

Offline Google Maps

In the new window that appears, choose the area that you want to download. There are two options either to choose already saved area like Home, Office etc., or to choose area in the Map.

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Offline Google Maps

On selection, the app will estimate the total size of the offline map that would be downloaded. Click on download and it begins only if you are in Wi-Fi network. Offline settings have a feature to enable download offline maps via mobile data as well.

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Offline Google Maps Offline Google Maps

This will  be very useful if you are on a road trip in remote locations or when you are low on data.

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