emergency location tracking app

Google’s new emergency location tracking app is called Trusted Contacts

Emergency location tracking app is a becoming a necessity for making sure of safety in any journey.

Google has spent resources on this area and has come up an app called the Trusted Contacts. This could be called as a subsidiary of Google Maps since its basically uses location as its primary piece of information.

Google’s new emergency location tracking app is called Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts is a way to tell your friends and family that you are safe. This was introduced to Android last year and now it has expanded to iOS. Friends and family can request your location even if the user is offline.

emergency location tracking app

Also, new furnishing has been done to the android version as well.

Adding contacts by phone number

There are two ways to add contacts to the app. One is by email address and now the app allows phone number too. On using a phone number, an SMS link is sent to the mobile in the form of an invitation. On accepting the invitation, they will be added as trusted contacts.

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emergency location tracking app         emergency location tracking app

After adding contacts as trusted ones, users will be able to share their location to family and friends.

Languages supported:

With the new update, Trusted Contacts is available in nine new languages for a total of 25 worldwide: Amharic (Ethiopia), Greek (Greece), Persian (Iran), Bahasa (Indonesia), Macedonian (Macedonia), Burmese (Myanmar), Nepali (Nepal), Serbian (Serbia) and Urdu (Pakistan).

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The App is available for free in the App Store as well as in the Play Store. The latest version of the app is v1.5.

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