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How to download videos from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter in Android

There aren’t direct options to download videos from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. The only way is to use the share URL and download the video from third party downloader platform.

How to download videos from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter in Android

Video Downloader for Instagram

The app is available for free download in the Play Store. Download the app. Open the Instagram app.

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Click on the three dots near any video. Choose Copy Share URL. As soon as choose the option, a new icon similar to Instagram will appear on the screen.

download videos                 download videos

It will directly initiate the download. Click on the icon and the Video Downloader for Instagram will open. The downloaded videos will be in the History tab.

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook

Downloading Facebook videos isn’t an easy task either. This doesn’t work just with a share URL. You will have to download the app and sign in using your facebook credentials.

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download videos               download videos

After Logging in, Click on any video and the download option will be there directly. Choosing Download will download the video in the app.

Video Downloader for Twitter

Download the video downloader for twitter app. Open Twitter choose any video. Click on share option. Choose video downloader for twitter.

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download videos                 download videos

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The video will get directly downloaded in the app.

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