uncapitalise text block

How to Uncapitalise Text Block in macOS?

Don’t you get annoyed when you accidentally type everything with caps lock on? SmartCapsLock lets you just select the text and press Caps Lock again to instantly uncapitalise text block  instead of typing everything again. How to Uncapitalise Text Block in macOS? You can use this application called SmartCapsLock to handle […]

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best Safari extensions

What are the best Safari extensions for macOS?

The best safari extensions listed here will make computing easier, effective and more productive. Safari Extensions are a new way for developers to enhance and customize the browsing experience. Users are required to join the Apple Developer Community to develop and publish safari extensions. Safari Extensions were added as part […]

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Siri commands

Amazing Siri commands for your Mac

Siri, the popular digital voice assistant in the Apple World was added to macOS in the Sierra release. Siri commands in Mac might not be as effective as the implementation in iOS because of its huge ability to do many tasks but the first release is a good start, I […]

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