automatically delete apps

iOS can automatically delete apps and keep your data to save space

iPhone storage issues are always a problem if you don’t have 256GB or at least 128GB storage. With the release of iOS 11, Apple has come up with a new feature called App Offloading. This will automatically delete apps from the phone in case if they are unused for a while.

iOS can automatically delete apps and keep your data to save space

Open Settings. Choose General.

automatically delete apps           automatically delete apps

And then tap on iPhone Storage. In the new window that appears, you will see your iPhone storage information as to how much storage is used by different types of data like documents & data, Photos, music etc.,

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Below that, Apple now proactively suggests ways to clear your iPhone storage. One of the options that is suggested is to “Offload Unused Apps“.

automatically delete apps

Enable that option and iOS will automatically delete the apps that are unused for a long time. But it will retain app data and user information. So, that you can tap on it and download again.

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The same thing applies to iPad as well. You can find the options in the Settings app.

automatically delete apps

automatically delete apps

This is one good option that is a step in AI that helps you effectively use your smartphone.

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